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Display of Courage; Bluff
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Display of Courage; Bluff

My nice words for people of 2012 in 1-2 sentences

Go go go! This list mostly consists of people I talked to more or less this year.

holliander- We have a lot in common! Let’s be even better friends next year!

youhei-tsurugi- Have some high fives ‘cause you’re awesome

dgtaldeception- You’re the first person a lot older than me that I actually like

nulfii- Our love for tasty food creates a beautiful friendship

pantyhosies- I’m rooting for your success!

melonshock- Thank you for all the art and good luck!

fuckyeahgamernerds- Thanks for all the league invites! It was fun~

hipstersaur- I think you’re a cool guy c: Teach me how to Dota2 plz

angel-jm- Thanks for the fun times earlier this year! I like your tastes

owarii- Nayborrrr~ I will always be here to support you!

oiitswilliamyang- Always King V in my heart

whatrhymeswithjulia- I’m glad we got to hang out! It was really nice to see you again

rinidinger- Your art is so ballin’ yo. I wish you the best!

nbeeezy- Now I know what it’s like to know a pro

pik-achu92- Anana~ You’re so sweet and fun to talk to! Stick around next year k? ; u ;

tetrahydren- Never stop being my friend plz. You’re so perf

brianlovescake- I still wanna give you a piggy back ride

naattteeee- I totally wanna give you a hug

hiimjacky- I really like your text posts, the read more ones. You say some really good things

michkhuns- Good luck with your grindr adventures ahaha~ Also, Vindictus was fun

diarthroses- Still my nicest close friend. Also, you’re welcome ;D

puddintatur- Keep working hard! You’re almost out of that hell of a high school

owhatagoose- Whenever you supported me I felt invincible! Also you make me lol

munkeyyy- My #1 lesbro. I’ll try to chat with you some more now that I have some free time

lollicon- I owe you a lot! Thanks to you I got to meet more nice people c:

boredofphases- Congrats on reaching BFF status this year! Also, you’re welcome ;D

viktu- You’re a big dummy sometimes…but I like having you around

dbaldwin- Aaah, I should’ve started hanging out with you earlier! It’s a lot of fun~

slashie-slashie- I had lots of fun talking to you about One Piece earlier this year

ifonlyzee- WUWUUUUUUU~ I’ll never get tired of that :D Top tier jungle

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  1. oiitswilliamyang said: i love you snazzy, teach me da fighting games
  2. dgtaldeception said: …..fuck you. I’m not that much older you dick.
  3. hiimjacky said: Awww snazzy you da most kawaii
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